About An American In Bangkok

An American in Thailand is the sister site of AnAmericanInBangkok.com, founded by author, photographer and YouTuber Scott Mallon in 2013. His first book, They Call Me Farang, quickly reached number one in the Thailand category on Amazon. His next book, Ask Me Anything: Letters From Farang, is due out in December 2016.  

As a photojournalist his words and photographs have appeared in the Bangkok Post, Boxing Digest, Phuket Gazette, HBO Sports, Irrawaddy Magazine, Maclean's, Mandala Magazine, The Ring Magazine, The Sweet Science and numerous other publications.

After living in Thailand for over 21 years and with 12,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel and videos totaling millions of views, Mallon is now selling his fine art prints and T-shirt line on An American In Thailand.